Mushrooms are just Alien Flowers.

surreal world full of artstyle clashing and moods, with a tragic story behind it.

if you're stuck:

Ver: 2.2.0

Important bug fixes

Ver: 2.1.0

Bug fixes and new ending

Ver: 2.0.0

Most sprites reworked many new worlds new endings and bug fixes

Ver: 1.2.0

Map fixes and new worlds

Ver: 1.1.0

Bug fixes and new ending

Ver: 1.0.0

Game Release

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAtmospheric, Cute, Dreams, Horror, Open World, Pixel Art, Surreal, weird, yume-nikki
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


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not for those with epilepsy.

also contains nooses, VERY loud sounds (seriously don't interact with the nooses in the 'fun room'), jumpscares (don't fuck w/ the door in the red maze) flashing lights, and eyestrain.


It's not perfect (its graphics are pretty sloppy and all), but I love this game's weird, surreal, unsettling, and sometimes downright creepy & disturbing atmosphere and tone, and its dread-inducing music.

It's like an especially bizarre dream (makes sense considering i's supposed to be a YNFG, after all, so who's to say this isn't the protaginist's dream that they can't wake up from?)

the endings are more comedic in tone than i was hoping.

still, i liked the game.

When I remake this game, I intend to make the endings more serious, believe it or not, I did try to make these endings serious, evidently I wasn't very good at writing serious dialogue. I will be keeping the aesthetic clashing / sloppy graphics and even making them even more sloppy, as I believe it is essential for the mood.


I just found the backrooms lol


whenever I get into an encounter with this thing by touching a noose, whenever I attack it says "Loading Error. Failed to load: img/animations/slash.png" I'm not sure if this is an issue in the downloadable version or not, but this happened to me in the html5 web version.


Thanks for letting me know.


Finally managed to fix it


Thanks! I really love this game, having so many different paths and rooms seems so hard to organize, but you still made yours very in-depth, where others may get stuck on having so many branching paths.


Now I get to sleep like a corpse


bruh, why would you say that me from 2 years ago?

I am very sad at you.

(1 edit) (+1)

Just the mental image of your comment and your later reply to it just encapsulates all of my regrets from a few years ago of saying slightly cringe/edgy things. This is a major mood.

Also, just a small suggestion: I really think that subtitles would help this game, because a lot of times I have to turn my volume down because the voices are much quieter than the sounds. It's not anything major, and since you still seem to be working on it a lot, it could definitely be a thing to add in a more finalized version, as it would be easier to do once you are at a point where you feel everything is at more of a standstill. This has huge potential, and by far my favorite fangame that I discovered on my own. :)


it makes me very happy that you liked it, and yes subtitles is actually a good idea.