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Kraftia is a game about Building and Crafting in a dying MMO in the Backrooms.

This MMO has been running since existence itself, but today it shuts down, everyone you know and have ever known spends at least 10 hours a day on this MMO. Is today the start of something new, or does the Backrooms shutting down, coincide with something of unimaginable scale. What are the backrooms,  and why are they so familiar?  

You boot up your ICETECH brand device and spend your last day on Kraftia.

Kraftia seems to be a action sandbox game with building and crafting, but to this day, many things remain a mystery about it,  for example no one ever found out who made the game, or what this game has to do with the Backrooms. 

There always seemed to be something out of bounds, but whenever someone tried to get out of bounds, their screen would flash red before enemies that were incomprehensibly beyond their progression, stopped them. The surreal hell is still roaring.


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Uh... where is it?

Scrapped and repurposed for another project,

WAHOOOOO (im mario)